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Muhammad Ali, Part 1: “Whores, Faggots and Sissies”: The Maury Z. Levy Interview

In The Maury Z. Levy Interview on July 25, 2012 at 8:53 am

Muhammad Ali, Maury Z. Levy

This is the first in a series of never-before-heard interviews with some fascinating people.

In 1975, right after he lost to Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali called me and asked me to come to his training camp in Dear Lake, PA. I stayed for a couple of days. I was the only writer there. I ran with him, I sparred with him, then we watched a tape of the Frazier fight. Ali kept rooting for himself to win this time. When it was over, late at night, we sat and talked. Click below to listen.

Maury Z. Levy Interview- Ali 1

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